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Just bought a Firebird Studio

Kenny Smoke

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  • 2 weeks later...

I'd love to post pics but I'm getting divorced... wife threatened to take my 20 guitar collection, amps studio gear... papers are not filed yet so I got all my gear out of the house, it's like I never owned any now... man was she pissed! Serves her right for trying to be sooooo nasty!

I'll post when I get into my new house! I do go visit my axes on occasion... sucks not to have anything here to play... I've always played daily for years for stress relief, and at a time like this I sure could use the relief!




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Firebird IS a nice guitar - Epiphone or otherwise. I've got a Firebird/Thunderbird pair and I love them. Can't call 'em 'Tobacco' anymore. Now they're 'Vintage.' No matter - I'm in love with 'em!


Kenny - good luck, man!


My Firebird has gold hardware and it's wearing really quickly. Any ideas for something to clean it with that won't really screw up the finish?



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