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Dogear to humbucker conversion? Any thoughts ?


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Any thoughts other than "why waste your time frigging around" I mean.

I see that a humbucker mounting ring is not quite big enough to cover the dogear hole that is cut in the Casinos top.

A humbucker would fit fine otherwise. Is a larger mounting ring available? Perhaps one designed for this kind of conversion? Thanks .

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Another option would be to adapt a P-90 shell to take a minihumbucker.


Otherwise Seymour Duncan makes custom humbuckers to order in P90 shells. Dimarzio has a series of humbucking pickups in a P90 profile although the pictures are not dog ears. Other than that, the custom shops might do it.


Here is a thread where this is discussed. I assume that these have to be custom made but should not be that difficult:




Here is a picture of one that someone did:



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