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:( Hi...new to this forum and a bit nervous...anyway, I have a Revolution Casino and also a EJ160E and wanted anyone elses opinion on using a Lisheng HT-2005 electric tuner...I am pretty new at this and would like your opinions on what is the best kind of tuner to get or whether this Lisheng has a good rep...Thanx,Marla

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Welcome to the forum Marla, why nervous ?

Can't help you with your question but other forum members surely will.

Besides using a tuner, to me it's important i can tune my guitar by ear.

Especially with acoustic guitars that can be difficult to tune using a tuner in noisy surroundings.



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Hi Marla...good to have a woman, on the forum...welcome!

Lisheng tuners don't seem to have much "press," so I'm afraid

there's nothing I can contribute, either. I learned to tune by ear,

years ago, but I now use a (Boss) turner on stage. I do double check

that, by ear...maybe out of habit? LOL! I think it's always good

to know how, without a tuner, anyway. I did check Harmony Central,

and Several other places, on your Lisheng tuner, but no luck...got a site the sells

them, but no reviews. Sorry...



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