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Is this any good?


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Hey, I just picked up a used V-amp2 off eebay. It is a lot of fun to play with. A great little tool but I don't think it is a professional piece of equipment by any means. If your just looking to have some fun and try some different sounds...it is pretty cool. Sorry I can't be of more help.



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Actually,you can use it as a gigging muso.


I,ve spent hours trying to get the sounds out of it I want and then saved those as patches.

If I,m gigging,its just a simple case of selecting the numbered patch but it can get very tediuos and reading the instruction manual very carefully helps.

Something us blokes don,t do very well (wink wink).

Also,don,t go stomping on it too hard,its made of plastic.

I love the auto wah feature in particular.



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I had the rack mount version for guitar for a while.

And it does a lot of cool stuff.. and being solid state and all.. doesn't sound bad at all.

Tons more than I could ever really use in either of them.

I gigged with it on bass.

I think it's very handy for headphones.. for recording it's cool.. for home practice, too.

Sometimes they can be a little hinky.. and you have to mess with it.. but overall, I think it's a pretty neat

piece of gear.


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