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Its still Bummer...Bummer...Bummer!!!!


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Well, I checked the archives to see when I 1st posted about the bridge lifting on my AJ500RC.


Jan 6th. So its been over a month since I took it to the shop for the warrantee repair work. I called a while back and they said they would call when its ready. I guess they have others that were ahead of me in line.


Fortunetly I have another 12 fret slothead that I dearly love...my Martin D15S...so I'm still picking away on a great slothead.


But that AJ500RC is my favorite. Cant wait to get her back!




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As my Mother used to say, "Patience, Prudence." When I was making coffee this morning, I noticed that the three minutes it takes to brew turns into 10 minutes while standing there waiting!

In all good time your favorite will be returned to you and all will be good with the world!


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