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EMG 81/60 Combo. Good or Bad?


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Hey everybody, hows it goin?

Im gonna replace the pickups on my Les Paul with some EMG's. I would go with the standard 81/85 combo but the 85 in the neck is too thin IMO so I was looking towards putting a 60 in the neck. How well do u think that this combonation will work? Will they clash and make me wanna kick my dog =P~ or will they mix great and puurrrrr like a kitten? =P~


Any advice/opinions/etc welcome.



Sinful Bane

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Seeing as you stated you are going to use EMGs, I'm not going to be silly and tell you to use something else.


I will say that my LP came with the 81/85 setup and I personally love the 85's tone, thinner than the 81, and perfect for playing rhythm (which is 90% of the time for me.) I've played with some 60s and I definitely wouldn't trade it.


It's really personal taste, but I guess James Hetfield likes the 81/60 combo. Whoever he is. :-


Either set works very well.

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Guest icantbuyafender

The EMG60 is my vote.


between that and the 85, the 60 is closer to sounding passive.


my 2 cents... so it may just be my opinion. :-k

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