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Does anyone know if the E Tremolos on the Korean guitars were actual bigsby brand or if it was epiphone's own creation? There is no Bigsby name on the ones I have found from the pics I have seen. Assuming it is not an official Bigsby product would it be correct to infer that they were made in Korea with the guitar and/or that they are up to scratch with a Bigsby B70? I just don't want to spend extra buying an Epi because it has a factory installed unit if it will need to be replaced by a real Bigsby...


Photo Examples:





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JerryMac to this thread please. Just noticed you had a 'Kat with one of these on it!


I actually bought that tailpiece a few years ago at www.musicyo.com which was a Gibson owned website. No longer up and running AFAIK. I bought it because it was cheap, something like $55 USD. About a month later, I found that Flamekat on eBay, no parts just the wood, I knew I bought that tailpiece for a reason.


I've installed a few Bigsby B-70s on various projects, and as far as I can see, they're basically the same. Although I don't know it for a fact, I would say they're made at the same place where they make the import Bigsby. I see no difference in performance.


Hope that helps.

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This might not be the exact answer on where they were made, but I had inquired with Gibson to buy one for my Sorrento.


Their reply:




Thanks for the email. Unfortunately, this part is only made for production. Sorry for the inconvenience. At this time Gibson sells only pre-packaged parts through our Gibson Gear division. All packaged Gibson replacement parts listed online at http://www.gibson.com/en-us/Divisions/Gibson%20Gear/Accessories/Replacement%20Parts/ can only be ordered through an authorized Gibson dealer. You can find dealers online at http://www.gibson.com/Dealers/ .


For all other replacement parts, we suggest the aftermarket parts suppliers listed below;



WD: 1-877-WDMUSIC www.wdmusic.com www.pickguards.com

All Parts: 1-800-327-8942 www.allparts.com

Stewart-McDonald: 1-800-848-2273 www.stewmac.com

Warmoth: 253-845-0403 www.warmoth.com


Gibson Customer Service




I am looking for one just in case anyone is looking to part with one.

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