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I didnt need it but when i saw a poorly listed guitar on ebay I thought, oh well i'll have a punt. There was no pic, and a very basic description


..."its black with, like, Roman numerals on it"


so, here I am £70 poorer and one Epi Gothic SG richer


Need to clean it up a bit, and some new strings and such - but its a wee belter!



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A Goth was my first. My wife and son got it for me, the Christmas I decided to take up guitar. Lost it

only a few months later when our home was burglarized. Have since replaced it with other G-400's

but I'd still like to have another Goth someday just because, ya know. Have often thought of using

one as the basis for an Iommized beater. Just find one in decent shape and throw all kinda upgraded

black hardware at the thing including some Ebaayed bargin Iommi pups. Could be the ultimate sleeper

guitar....wouldn't give it a second glance but screams when asked..... still miss it and will find one even-

tually - but like you I'd want to find one at a bargain.



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