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10" Speaker in a Valve Jr combo

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Hi , First post here. I should be getting my Valve Jr combo anyday. I hoping to get some info about stuffing a 10" speaker in the cab. Anyone done that here? I`ve read there might have to be some routing to the cab to get the speaker to fit , does the speaker hole have to be enlarged? I know the best bet would be an external 1x12 cab but that`s not in the cards right now so I`d really like to get the 10" to fit in there. Thanks in advance.

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Its been done a long time ago ( http://vj.minuteboard.com/m/b/a/showtopic.html?topicid=1661&nr=19 ) and most recently talked about over at sewatt.com


you have to not only make the baffel hole bigger but you also have to cut down the speaker basket (the metal frame of the speaker) a bit to make it fit.


Best way is either find yourself an empty cab to to put the amp into or a lot of work (or just use an external speaker when more bottom end is needed)

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I`m thinking it will probably be more of a hassle than it`s worth. Any suggestions a for a killer 8" speaker that does hard rock well. I`m not taking about a band situation ' date=' just jamming in the garage when the wife and kid go to sleep.[/quote'] there's a speaker shootout thing at sewatt... 8 10 and 12 inch...
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