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what is this gunk?


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and how do i get rid of it, its on my used bought off ebay epiphone lp custom.i dunno how worn this guitar is but thats alot of gunk right?


actually let me edit my question. can you judge how worn a guitar is from that fretboard image and this pic of the gold hardware. i bought it used, but i have no idea if its had moderate use or gigged for last 8 years or what, besides the fretboard lookin bit gunky and the gold platin theres no other marks of serious wear.



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Dude, that is NASTY, NASTY, NASTY! Immediately take the guitar into an empty field, dowse it with lighter fluid, and set it alight! It's the only way to be sure no communicable diseases survive. ;-)


Seriously, though, its previous owner was a pig. You need three items: the lighter fluid that you almost used above to prevent the spread of infection, a sturdy rag, and an old credit card. Do this when you change the strings--they probably need it now, anyway. Take off the strings, use the rag and naptha (lighter fluid) to clean the gunk. If need be, gently scrape with the edge of the old credit card. Then finish up again with the naptha.


After you are done, you might want to LIGHTLY re-oil the fingerboard with your favorite oil. Then re-string with new strings.


The gunk is the detritus (sweat, oils, and skin cells) from the former owner. Yuck! Cheers.

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The Strat I just got rid of looked just like that when I got it.


I don't think the kid ever washed his hands before playing. It was a 3 month old guitar and like everyone else said it came right off no problem.


So I don't think it is any kind of an indication of wear, the Strat looked like new again, which it should because it was..........

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