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re; C.O.A. Epi LP Custom Ltd Edn


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I was reading thru some latter posts sometime back in reference

to ascertaining an C.O.A. coming with our Epi's. I decided I'd start

with MF first as I never recieved one from them back in '05 when

I purchased my LP Custom Ltd Edn. The guy that I spoke with just

said, "We don't know anything about that..." Hmmm. Soooo, I

emailed Gibson and advised them it appears I was shorted a C.O.A.

and that I had contacted MF at no avail..? An individual with Gibson

just shot me an email back today advising one wasn't issued with

this model..? Nothing else, No explanation, Nothing. Anybody have

an idea as to why not?

Thanks for any and all.




A certificate of authenticity was not issued with this model.



Best regards,


Vincent Wynne

Gibson Customer Service


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I assumed an C.O.A. came with our

Epi's at the time of purchase. My thinking was that it somehow lent legitimacy to the

guitars coming out of legit Epiphone factories. I realize there's not much safe harbor

there in that a document could semi-easily be falsely replicated. I wasn't looking at it

like an spike in value or anything. Just thought it was something missing in the picture

so to speak. C.O.A. or not, I couldn't be more pleased with it and Epiphone. I really

enjoy it's great qualities, 'Spose that's the more important thing.

Cool everybody, Thanks so much for all of your input!!

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C.O.A. = Certificate Of Authenticity...A proof of origin.


I understand C.O.A , I just thought he may have been confused in what he was looking for....sorry I was just trying to help.




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If you stay away from most "mom and pop" guitar stores, there isn't any reason to believe/question the legitimacy of a particular guitar. That's why I ALWAYS buy from places like GC (yes, I know they suck), Marshall Music, MF, AMS, etc. cause' at least I know what I'm getting, and that it's real.

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