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Limited Edition Les Paul Standard Plus?

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First post here, be nice. I picked up an Epi Les Paul Standard Plus in trans blue today.

Beauty of a finish with the quilted Trans. But there is a little seal on back of headstock

that says "Limited Edition". From the serial number (I02091278) I think it was made in

Sept. 2002. Does anyone know anything about these? Any help would be appreciated.








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Awesome guitar farbey. The quilt top looks like one of those really nice Koean AAAA ones. I've only had my Epiphone for about a week so I dont really have any info on the limited edition part but you are in the right place to get answers. Good luck.

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I found a site that had some info on your serial #.




"Guitar Info

Your guitar was made at the

Saein Plant, Korea/China

September 2002

Production Number: 1278




Saein Musical Instrument Co. Ltd

The Saein Musical Instrument Co. Ltd. is located in the Namdong Industrial Complex in Incheon, Korea. Saein was established in July 1st 1991 and has a monthly capacity of 4,500pcs. In Oct 1st 1992, Saien Began manufacturing guitars for Epiphone, who they now consider to be their main business. They also started producing their own line of guitars called Shine in 1997. In February, 2001, a new factory was opened in Gaomi City, China. This factory boasts a monthly capacity of 10,000pcs. Saein was presented the ‘The Best Quality Award of the Year’ by Gibson Epiphone USA in 1998 and 1999."

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Yes, besides the quilted finish, it is much the same as any other standard, not that that's a bad thing, they're great guitars!. It's usually small differences that earn them the 'Limited Edition' or 'Custom Shop' Label. For example you can get a G400 SG with the large pickguard, and it'll bear the 'Custom Shop' label, even though it's no different to normal G400s, apart from the pickguard. I've seen G400s with a Maestro Vibrola tremolo unit too, which have the 'Custom Shop Label'.


Like this one


Boy if I'd seen that before I bought my G400 I'd have saved a little longer and got that instead!

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