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Noise Gate for Casino Feedback?

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Amp proximity is, more than likely, the culprit. Turn the amp around or off axis about 90 degrees.

IF it's body feedback...(the top vibrating at a different rate/frequency, from the back)...then stuff

a rolled up sock in it or if you want a more permanent solution, remove the bridge pickup, put a

piece of styrofoam, or balsa wood inside, snuggly between the top and the back, just under or behind

the bridge, re-install the pickup, and you should see a marked improvement. If it's your pickups

(harmonic) feeding back, you may need them wax potted? Some P-90's are, some aren't. 60 cycle

hum, can be reduced by a Faraday's cage or "sheilding," the pickups. Let a qualified repairman,

luthier, do that.



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Noise gates are for eliminating subtle background noise - hiss, hum etc.


I suspect that what you have is microphonic feedback which could be reduced / eliminated by potting the pickups. I had a Sorrento with metal-covered P90s and it did it whenever I went to a high-gain sound for soloing. I solved the problem by selling it. If you're trying to play high gain / overdrive stuff you have the wrong guitar.


If you want to pot them yourself, this is useful info :



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