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I was reading the Gibson article about the order you put pedals in and decided to swap some stuff around. i changed it from wah, distortion, then volume to distortion, wah, then volume and now when i turn on the wah it acts almost like a volume pedal. when its down the sound is very quiet but when i push it up to the treble it gets a lot louder. any ideas?

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I've always put my distortion first giving the other pedals a hotter signal to work with. I dont use many pedals ,

a Sansamp GT2 for distortion into a digetech whammy- wah into a Boss digital delay then into the amp. Even though i have an effects loop i prefer to just go through the front end like that(i have a Marshall JTM 60). Its just always worked better for me to wah the distorted sgnal rather than distort the wah signal .


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