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Do The Research... It's REALLY Worth It


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Here's a sad and very current example of not doing research before selling a guitar.


Just two days ago, some poor guy in Tuscon sold this guitar on craigslist for just $75.





That happens to be an old Framus 12 string Hootenanny -- made famous by a guy named John Lennon in the film HELP and on a number of recordings. The lush acoustic 12 string sound on "You've Got To Hide Your Love Away" is, yup, a Framus Hootenanny. And that guy in Tuscon sold it for just 75 bucks!




Now here's the really sad part. The guy who bought it for $75 on Tuesday immediately put it on E-bay where the current bid is now one thousand four hundred dollars!




That guy sold a classic collectible for 75 bucks!


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Although not guitar related and a much lower value ,I sold a model racing car kit of a Ferrari by for 150 UKP after seeing another sell for a similar amount .By amazing luck another kit came up in an unrelated search and at 30 UKP .I waited until the last moment thinking this must sell for more,.but it didnt .I bought it ,then sold it for another 150UKP .The seller had left out a single word which made the model coveted and rare .You haver to get it right and like littlenut says ,do your research[-x

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it's a good point, about doing research, but you know, when someone doesn't do homework well, someone out here starts a new thread about how happy his/her day is :-k


to the current subject, there was a relatively old riviera on local gumtree few month ago and guy asked for £150. Well that made me so angry I wasn't the first one who found it :) oh well, **** happens.

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This thread made me think about a couple of

"Antiques Roadshow" appraisals I'd seen recently.

I'll take either, but was blown away by the value of the Strat...


1952 Gibson Goldtop




1957 Strat





You've got it right, RESEARCH!!!!!!!!!

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