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In the shop:0000 steel wool+guitar neck


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After a fine thread of suggestions and a picture of what my guitar could be, I decided to take the plunge.

(I'm so sorry but, m'lady has the camera tonight so I'll have to give simple step by step.)


I got 0000 steel wool at Home Depot for $4.00. There are many spools of it. and enough sections in one ball that you can do the neck with just that and have more than enough left over.So...yes...share it.


Now the biggest suggestions were to make sure the pick ups are covered well and "slow and steady" or "nice and easy"

Both tips essential I've now found.


Right now I am half way through the back and forth with the steel wool.

I decided to take some leather to it. As was suggested to take an old strap maybe and do a "shoe shine" like technique across the neck.

Well, let me tell you in the small spot I tested it looked fantastic. Then I gave it a simple touch...

I think it's going to feel like a different guitar all together.


I promise pics of the completed project.


Also. have a well ventilated space that you can work in.

And be sober.


That's all!


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