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New Bridge?


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I am thinking of a new bridge for my Sheraton 2. I have read about the Tone Pro, but not sure which one fits the Sheraton 2? Any advice as to which one to order. I have been trolling All Parts and there are several sizes etc.

As always, this is the best place for advice. Thanks

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at least don't pay that Guitar Denter price.


also.. which sheraton? korean samick sheris wont take that bridge.


if it's a new chinese sheri, it will.


PM me and I'll see if I can find you a better price than that.



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instead of creating another thread, i am going to ask my question here


has anyone fitted a sherry with one of these?




i want to put on a bigsby, and i have seen gibson semihollows with that kind of bridge and a bigsby


does anyone have any kind of experience with this?

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