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Is the installation of a pickguard on a Sheraton II "plug-n-play"?


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Please pardon my ignorance. I saw someone is selling a Sheraton II on the craigslist but the pickguard is not on the guitar. I am just wondering if anyone can educate me how hard it is to install the pickguard on the Sheraton II. I tried to search some pictures of the Sheraton but still not sure if I need to take off the pickups first then tuck in the pickguard underneath.


The craigslist link is here (note the pickguard is by the guitar case)




If it is not a good practice to post any craigslist link here, please let me know.


Thanks so much!

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Its easy. Three screws a couple nuts and an L bracket.

One screw right beside the neck' date=' another on the lower waist of the guitar on the side, and the L bracket.

Just like a DOT or Les Paul.[/quote']


Hi, thanks. Looks like from the pictures, portion of the pickguard is underneath the two pickups. Do I need to take the pickups off first?

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