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My new Flying V


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For those of you who were interested I took a quick pic of my new V. It plays awsome. It gives a good run with my prophecy sg. It is light as hell and has a very fast neck. Like I said before 496R/500T pups what else can you say. I have always wanted one of these and Christmas came a little early. P.S. only 400 ever made. gotta go and play with my new toys more pics later this weekend.Picture005.jpg

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Wow, that is nice Rewddawg. The next guitar I want to get is a V, but first I've got to convince the wife that 7 guitars is not enough. I barely squeezed the last one in, an SG. I told her that guitars are like people.......each one has a different voice and character. That's not a lie, and it worked! [biggrin]

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HNGD Bro!!!! She looks smokin,,you got a great deal too i think,,now go spank the Bejesus out of her till she calls you Daddy!!!,,Maniak


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