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Dot or upgraded LP


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Hi all,


Just finally signed up after months of guest like antisocial behaviour...


and yeah thts cos i gotta question lol but i'll stick around..


OK, i have a 2008 Epi LP plus honeyburst which i love, been thinking of upgrading few bits, play blues,classic southern rock anything else that takes my fancy. I love the sound i get outta this with a vox vt15 and a vox ac4tv but i'd love to put some WCR crossroads or classic 57s in.


Cos i love BB & Freddie King, i've always fancied a 335 or a Lucille, even though i can coax some sweet blues tone from the LP.


Played a Dot in local music shop and like it a lot, not mega blown away but really like it....now i'm stuck!!

Do i buy it and have 2 guitars stock, the Dot sounds good but can be better but for £250 in UK its a nice deal, OOORRR do i take the money i'd spend on it and case and get my Gibby pickups,cts pots, new nut and kit out the LP to its full potential.


Help me.....please...


Or just keep the money and any other upgrade cash and save for a Gibson LP Traditional...??? AARRGGGHHHH



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This is how I would do it...buy the Dot now (who knows what prices will be like in a few months!) and then upgrade either or both as you get a few more pounds in your pocket. You can make all the plans in the world but sometimes you just have to act on opportunities as they present themselves. Pickups and parts are cheap compared to buying a guitar so if you have the funds now get the guitar and buy the parts later. Yeah, they may be a tad more expensive then but not so much compared to buying another guitar.

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Well ' date=' i'm going for the Dot for now thx guys.





Good choice. You'll get much more enjoyment out of having a second guitar with different tonal options to your LP, knowing that both can be upgraded at a later stage.


IMO changing pickups will make a lot more of a difference than upgrading pots/caps/wiring. Also, do your tuners and nut work well at the moment? If so, don't change them as a priority. And, if you do swap out your electronics later, you'll still have your high end pups to connect up with them.


IMO the main problem pickup wise for muddiness is the stock HOTCH bridge in Les Pauls. Epi LPs do have their version of '57s in the neck which is not too bad at all. Dots have Epi's '57s in both neck and bridge. So, you could just buy one Gibson '57 for now to put in the LP bridge and then replace the others in both the LP and the dot when you have some more cash.

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i bought a 2009 american deluxe stratocaster sometime back and absolutly love it but couple weeks ago i bought a brand new dot korean made natural finish on body and.. i play the dot alot more than i play the strat i run straghit thru (or, sometimes a compressor) a fender deluxe reverb tube amp. as i told my girlfriend last nite as i was playing for her i loooove my dot lol. (b.t.w....i wanted a red one too but they were out and i was not walking out of store without a dot. this finish is just as nice as the red one) enjoy !!

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