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Sheraton II Nut Spacing


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I just purchased a new Sheraton II from GC.

I noticed that the nut is groved so that the high E string is much closer to the edge of the fretboard than the low E string. In fact the high E is much closer to the edge than any of my other guitars (Fender Strat, Tele).

Unless you press directly down on the string, with no outward pressure whatsoever, the note is either deadened or it buzzes.

Probably wouldn't be an issue for an experienced player, but I've only been playing for about a year, and it certainly makes the guitar more difficult to play (at least for me).

Are all Sheratons like this, or do I have one with an improperly cut(groved) nut?

If this is a normal condition.......Anyone know why the nut is groved that way.



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That should not be happening, sounds like a production/QC

boo-boo. Are you able to contact GC and explain your problem?

Was git picked up at store or shipped? Have you had the git a

short enough time to still qualify for FREE repair of factory glitches?

In short, call GC, explain problem, post back with what they

suggest your should do.....

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Even good guitars can have bad nuts. I'm in the process of replacing the nut on an old Epi archtop (see avatar) for the very same reason, the high E kept slipping off the fret. Bone is indeed the way to go, should be able to get it done for about 50 bucks, well worth it. Make sure someone good does it!

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