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Epiphone, is Really this ?

John Guitar

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Another "bargain" "Epiphone" for sale on e-bay. And guess what? - it's a Les Paul Custom. thsmiley_sigh.gif


I suspect this is actually the most cynical fake Epiphone scam to date.


A couple of thoughts, John Guitar:


1./ A new Epiphone Les Paul Custom, sold in British pounds, goes for £469.00. That is the price from an authorized Epiphone dealer. See: http://www.imuso.co.uk/Electric-Guitars/7841-/Epiphone-Les-Paul-Custom-Electric-Guitar-Alpine-White


2./ If Epiphone were going to have some sort of sale to raise money for the Haiti disaster relief fund, don't you think they might mention it on their official website or through their dealer network, rather than relying on an ebay merchant in the Philippines to arrange this?

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