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New electronics for G-400


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Hi everyone,


I'm looking to replace the electronics and pick-ups in my G-400.

I'm looking at the GFS site to buy everything.


I assume that this is the wiring kit to use: http://store.guitarfetish.com/colespaupelc.html?

Will I need to enlarge any holes?

Will I need to buy new knobs or will the stock Epi knobs fit on the pots?

Do these kits normally come with wire?


In terms of pick-ups does anyone know which GFS pick-ups most closely match the Gibson 490R/498T combo?


Thanks for the help!

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You could use that wiring kit, but it's not really an upgrade over the stock stuff. In fact they're essentially the exact same parts that Epiphone uses. I've not experienced any issues with electronics in my Epiphones, but why would you want to replace the stock stuff with more of the same? I, and many others, suggest spending a bit more money for some better parts. Here are some examples. You might be able to find better prices at other retailers, but these are what you need.


Switchcraft 1/4" mono jack



Switchcraft 3 way switch



As for pots, there are basically two ways you can go. The Alpha ones at StewMac are an upgrade over the stock ones and the GFS ones.


I'm sure you're aware you need 500K ones. These will fit straight in, no need to enlarge holes, or change control knobs.


CTS ones are better again, and if you can find the brass shaft ones, they are pretty much the best. If you use these, you will however need to enlarge holes, and replace the control knobs with fine splined ones, but well worth it if you ask me.



These are the brass shaft ones. They are fantastic.



One thing you should get from GFS though are the capacitors. Sprague Orange Drops are better than the stock ceramic ones, without blowing the budget. There are more expensive ones you can get too, but you may or may not notice the difference.



As for pickups, I'll let others cover the GFS ones, I've not had any experience with them.

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Thank for the detailed reply, Swoop. I wasn't aware that the electronics kit at GFS was basically what's in my Epi now. I'm having some problems with crackling and intermittent pick-up function so it would probably solve the problem, but I'd like to upgrade anyhow. Thanks for the suggestions. I'm comfortable soldering, but don't have much experience with guitar electronics.


Anyhow, a couple more questions- Is enlarging the holes in the guitar body pretty straight forward if I choose to go with the CTS pots? Also, should I just use the old wire or should I grab new stuff (and if so from where)?


Also, anyone else want to comment on my GFS pick-up question? Thanks-

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Enlarging the holes may be as simple as running some sandpaper through the inside of them to remove excess poly. That's probably the safest way to do it actually. Someone else might like to chime in here with a better method.


You should new wire. You can get the appropriate stuff with a rubber outer from any electronics store. It's very cheap. You can buy several metres of it for a few bucks. In fact you can get a roll or two of it from GFS. It pays to get two colours. Black for grounds, and red for hots is fairly logical.


You can get the braided or cloth wire, but it's a bit more difficult to solder I think.

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Yeah, the GFS is NOT an upgrade.

My preferences...

BG pickups http://www.norcalguitars.com/

Bryan makes handwound pickups for the price of a Duncan. Unbelieveable work.

You can enlarge the holes for a CTS or Bourns pot with a reamer. You can use a drill, but its real easy to tear up your guitar.

Stewmac has these, but you can find the same thing cheaper... http://www.stewmac.com/shop/Tools/Special_tools_for:_Tuner_installation/Peghole_Reamers.html


Definitely get new wire. Good luck.



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Stewmac has these' date=' but you can find the same thing cheaper... http://www.stewmac.com/shop/Tools/Special_tools_for:_Tuner_installation/Peghole_Reamers.html




Ouch, those are expensive. I went to the local hardware store and bought a small round file for a couple of bucks to do mine. Better yet, it you have a Habor Freight, they have a lot of reasonably priced tools. But, you might find you will spend more than you anticipated because the prices are so good.

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The pickups are, but the electronics they have, pots, switches, etc, aren't really. I can't personally tell you which GFS ones are close to the combo you want. Probably none of them. GFS pickups are very good in their own right, especially for the money, but probably won't come close to that Gibson combo you wanted.

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