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Loose frets?


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I just got my IBJL back from my local tech (very well known/respected-lots of high enders use him when coming through town...). I thought I had a high fret at 8. I could sight down the neck and actually see it and I could rock a business card on it so I took it in to get leveled and setup. It was also causing buzzing on my low 3 strings up till the 8th fret as well so all appeared to be "normal" for the situation. The good news is I didn't have to pay for a levelling because he told me there were a few "loose" frets. This guitar was basically new when I got it. He reset the loose frets and set it up and it's great now (was before except for the buzz). I guess my question is this: When I got it, I'm SURE it didn't buzz, but I put new strings on it and didn't know on a Casino to change one at a time. My strat I just pull 'em all off

and put on the new ones. Could taking all the strings off at once cause the neck to bend back and pop some frets out

to make them loose? Or is it likely they just weren't set right at the factory?

Just curious.

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I would say that they were not set right from the factory.

Frets have barbs on the tang to hold them in place once set. And glue.

Maybe the wood on the fingerboard shrunk a bit, or more likely, the

fret groove was cut a little big for the fret used, and the glue softened or chipped loose.

Your tech likely replaced the loose frets with a larger tanged fret.

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I don't think taking the strings off had anything to do with it.

This, I always take them all off at once because I have pretty large hands and it makes it over 9000 times easier to work with. Never had anything like that happen.

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