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Hello Everybody,


New WildKat owner, here. Well, sort of. I'm waiting for it to be shipped. It'll be the 1st guitar I've bought without playing first.


Not worried, though. I've played, I think, 3 of them in guitar shops, and I know I like 'em. But, I haven't seen them in stores lately, and I saw that the AlleyKat was no-more, so I decided to act. Glad I did and can't wait!


We've had good experience with Epi. My son has an Epi SG that plays and sounds as good as any Gibson SG that I've personally played. (I haven't played the really expensive ones, though). It's away with him at college, now. I had a Casino that I sold a couple of years ago. I think it was the day after it was sold that I was walking around, wondering, "Why?" Needed some money, I guess. I've been through some guitars. Foolishly sold some good ones. No more. My motto --


"Buy guitars, yes. Collect guitars,yes. Sell guitars, Never! Never! Get away from me!"


Anyway, I started looking for another Casino (you knew I would) I came across the WildKat and actually sort of preferred it. So, next week, I'm hoping.


So, just wanted to say "Hi." You know I'll be following al the WildKat threads closely.


Bye !

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Congratulations' date=' and post pics when it comes in!


Welcome to the forum and check out Sledge's gorgeous Wildcat (that he tragically needs to sell) here:



So, if you have $500 you could lend me . . . !


Enjoy yourself!







It's a toss up, I just found a Lucille for that locally. Was really looking hard at Sledges tiger............

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