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Taxes in denmark


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I should imagine so...example I ordered a list of parts from the US to Sweden, they were delayed in the post then I get a card to pick them up and they say I must pay 25% MOMS (Swedish value added tax) funny part was after paying the tax the parts were still a lot cheaper than buying in Sweden.....so see if you can buy in Denmark...check the price...then assess that if you have to pay the tax on delivery, that it is either the same or less......

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I know the topic probably sounds odd' date=' but any off you guys here know if i order a guitar for example from abroad to Denmark, will I have to pay the Taxes for receiving it here? A lot (if not all countrys) have that.[/quote']


If you are ordering from within the European Union, then no.

If you are ordering from the US... likely.


If you are considering ordering from the likes of Thomann or Musicstore you can select your country (Denmark) and have the correct value that you'll be charged. That way, you don't have to worry about taxes.


Hope this helps.

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Orders from inside the European Union are tax-free. On orders from outside the European Union these rules apply:



If your product costs less than 81 dkr., you won't have to pay anything extra.


If your product costs between 81 and 1150 dkr., you would have to pay MOMS of the price of the product and delivery - no taxation.


If your product costs more than 1150 dkr., you would probably have to pay some kind of tax (between 5 and 10 % would be my guess - but I don't know) and then MOMS of the price of the product, delivery and tax.



Try using this guide: http://www.skat.dk/SKAT.aspx?oId=1770313&vId=0

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