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Maybe Europes but not the UKs. I use coda music, good service, good prices. GAK is also quite hard to beat on price, they both usually price lower than Thomann. Obviously they all sell certain items cheaper than each other, but I find these two are consistently the cheapest on most things.

Thomann's prices can rise wildly with the strength of the pound/euro.





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I've used:







They were all selected based on the competitiveness of prices offered for the items I was purchasing at the time.


All have been excellent. I always tend to phone up and speak to somebody before I order to check stocks, condition of items, delivery details etc. I've found all of them to be very helpful.

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New Sheraton in the UK (GuitarGuitar) £429

New Sheraton in Sweden (Musikborsen) £658 (we pay a lot of tax and if I bought in the UK on delivery I would probably have to pay the extra tax anyway, plus dhl)

Guitars are expensive in Sweden, but so is everything......

New Sheraton in Sweden bought from Thomann £446 (price on their Swedish website 5,083 Swedish Krona), plus dhl


Thomann makes sense if you live in Sweden....


Only, as recently as last October, 2009, I bought my first electric guitar, and I now have 4 guitars, 3 electric, 1 acoustic, all I have bought second hand. The second hand market in Sweden is inflated by the high price of new guitars....


I have never had the pleasure of buying a "New" guitar. I like the older Epi's and my acoustic is 1959. I wonder if I will ever buy a "New" guitar......

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I've been to most of the places already mentioned here but I still prefer Andertons in Guildford, Surrey to all of them. Not only are their prices as good as anyone else's but their mail order is second to none, often with free delivery. I live 15 miles from the West End in London and 40 miles from Guildford but I still go to Guildford in preference.



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