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which p90

mud guy

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Hi folks-


I have been longing for a p90 guitar...there are two for sale around here. One is an Epiphone les paul special with 2 p90s that looks to be in nice shape for $325 (limited edition and I can't find any info on this model, it's in a cherry finish). The other is an epi 1957 reissue LP Jr in TV yellow that looks to be in really nice shape, with all the eletronics upgraded for $375. I would think there would be more tonal range with the Special, but the Jr looks sweet.


Any suggestions?



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Just an opinion but for that $$$ amount you could get a used LP 56GT or for a little more get a new one' date=' they have alot of tonal variety.







Yeah, right.That's another option.Depends on what you're looking for.A flattop Junior/Special or a carved Standard...

It's up to you.But a nice Goldtop is unbeatable....GAS!!!

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Yes, the special is a set neck "Custom shop" model. I have to control my gas...used epiphones are not cheap here (whether or not they sell for the posted price is another question), for example used LP standards typically go for $400 and up and are ~$600 new plus tax. I was at the guitar store friday and the guy was steering me towards a PRS SE single cut with soapbars...then he suggested that I pick up a cheaper used LP and try installing some P94s or the like that would fit the humbucker. I would really love a 56GT or a WildKat, but will need to be patient.


On a somewhat different topic, the guy at the guitar store said they had a Swingster in last week which sold right away...he said he loved it and it put the Gretsch Electromatics to shame...a lot more balls.


Thanks for your comments!

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