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Epiphone "Eagle" 1976 Bicentennial Dreadnought


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Hello all


Just picked up an Epiphone Eagle from a local purchase here in N.H. Very, very pleased! ($250) Not too much info on the web about this guitar, I will do what I can to put up some pics and such out there. One thing I will say is I have NEVER ever heard an amount of sustain from an unplugged instrument in my life. Of coarse age does help with this but come on, I start getting bored waiting for the note to finish its decay...

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Thanks for fixing the photo!!!


Yeah it's not very loud at all. I'm not a big acoustic player and the only other I have is a 98 Ovation Balladeer which at least doubles the volume. Keeping it original I will. Learned my lesson some time ago about changing older guitars. Have not cleaned it yet, the sticker on the back of the headstock keeps me from doing a super cleaning. Just a simple wipe down but I will hit up the headstock as there is a bunch of dust in the eagle. But anyhow, great ad on to my collection.


Other member having one of these? Yes before I bought this my google searches led me here with a thread about the same guitar.


You guys are great! Thanks

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