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Gibson's official product page on this guitar?


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I've recently stumbled upon a Custom Shop SG that resembles the original SG. It's a cherry finish with NEW hardware and Burstbuckers.


Here's the link: http://guitars.musiciansfriend.com/product/Gibson-Custom-Shop-SG-Standard-Historic-Reissue-Electric-Guitar-with-Maestro?sku=517507


I really like it, but I'm having trouble finding the official Gibson page on this guitar. In Gibson Custom.com, I can only find the page for the VOS version. (I'm not into that aged look, I intend to break-in the guitar myself) If anyone can find it, I'd appreciate it. Thanks for your time.

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Damn that's pricey!

I would suggest Ebay, but I see you're in the UK so you may have to take what you can get.


I have one of only 48 SG 61's made in 2006 with the Maestro. Limited run, back door deal from Gibson.

My dealer had 4, I know where three of them went.


It's everything an SG SHOULD be in my opinion, I'll never sell it.

Here it is with another one I'll never sell, my Custom Shop double neck.








Just for kicks, here's my SG 12 string.

No, it's not for sale....



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If only I would've been able to get the '61 Reissues with the Maestro! It does seem pricey, but I've had Les Paul Customs that we're a bit pricier, so I'm not TOO worried. :) I remember your posts on Everythingsg.com about the 12 string SG. You were talking about it for weeks! I'm glad that you were able to get your hands on it, but there are some times when jealousy overpowers everything else.

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That's because you were able to get your hands on the only 12-string SG left in the world. Come to think of it, you probably should never put out your real street address, city, state, country on any guitar forums. Many maniacs and kleptomaniacs out there waiting to snatch that one-of-a-kind.

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Many maniacs and kleptomaniacs out there waiting to snatch that one-of-a-kind.

Yeah, I'm very aware of that.

Some people ain't no damned good.

That's why the NeoCon Compound is secured in such a manner.

I suppose you could find it easy enough, non-descript as it is.


Break-in attempts have been made on me twice in 25 years, but I'm lucky.

Nothing was taken either time, the sh!t heads realized they were in over their head.

Minor damage, documented in a police report with an "Atta Boy" from the officers both times.


I only wish I had my surveillance system THEN, so I could have seen their faces....


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No, this was well before I got the SG 12.

Last time was 2003, unsuccessful both times.


With a weapons business run out of my home office, guitars are a secondary concern.

One happy side effect of the business - if a gun leaves, it's an automatic felony offense.

It would no longer be a petty property theft given the lowest priority by local police.


Bitterly clinging to guns & religion is a reference to a Presidential candidate here in the US.

He made a speech where he spoke of a large number of Americans who are against his "ideas" of leading the country.

He decribed them, in essence, as simple-minded and "being bitter so they cling to their guns and their religion."

Without getting too political in the forum, let's just say we're on opposite ends of the ideological spectrum.

My vote goes elsewhere.

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A 2008 candidate? I guess I should say 2009. I'm taking a jump here, but let's see who's anti-2nd amendment, and who's on the other end of the moral spectrum? I'm guessing it's a democrat. I wouldn't think Obama would say anything like that...yet.

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