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So How's My Credit in this Joint?


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Buddy of mine has an original 1955 Goldtop.

Routed for humbuckers long ago.

Originally built with a TOM tail like that black Custom.

I always thought the stop tail was used through 1955 with the TOM beginning in 1956.

Evidently his wasn't the only one made with a TOM.


And I don't loan money.



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Ah, wasn't really expecting a handout or loan here. Just another way of doing a "gassing for" thread.


Fact is you can't "justify" spending these outragious prices for these. And, I'm sorry, neither of my Gibsons are "better" than either of my Carvins despite costing 2X and 2.5X as much.


So, why do I want this?


Probably cuz, no one else I know has one. Period. Just like my R9 and my Lifeson.


Otherwise, a Goldtop Traditional would be the "Smart" thing to do. Can get one locally for $1799 right now that actually called my name as I walked by the other day . . . if you can believe that.


But it's not this '55 with a P90 and an Alnico V. [drool]

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Logic knows no boundaries when the heart wants a guitar....



You credit line has been extended... the check is in the mail.


Too True . . . thanks dude!


Need to form a support group for the addiction.


I believe Craig Bartock was playing one of these on the harder rock Heart songs and it sounded awesome though of late he's been playing all Fenders.

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