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new zakk zvcustom, help


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just got me a zakk wylde zv custom , and after playing a few songs its de tuning ? any ideas, are the grover tuners backing off ?



Backing off? What does that mean?


The Grovers on there should be working fine. If they are the same strings that came with the guitar, then you need to take them off and put some new strings on. No telling how long they have been on there, or how well they were put on.

If you just put new strings on, then it takes a little while for them to stretch out. They will be fine after the initial stretching-out period.

How well did you put them on? Are you fairly new at putting on strings? Perhaps you didn't put them on correctly.


Need more information for sure. You didn't say what experience you have as a guitar player, or if you are new at installing strings.

But the problem should not be with the tuners. And if it is, you should take it back and get a refund.

Hope this is helpful.

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