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Fred thought you and some of the other might get a kick out of these simple sculptures I did a art trade for. This guy is a street artist that does really fast painting and sculptures on wood to sell, they take him just a few minutes and he used to sell them for a few bucks or a cup of coffee. But like many things like this they got popular with all the yuppies. Now instead of the sidewalk he has a big studio space and customers pay much more for his art especially the 3-d sculpture type stuff. Anyway he knew I liked music so his trade to me was a sculpture set of Meg and Jack as the White Stripes.


Thought Fred and a few others might like seeing these.


The pieces are on my jewelry workbench so all the weird stuff around them are bits and pieces of stuff in progress. My studio is kind of bizarre bizarre to most people and since I do found and re-use sculptures as well as jewelry who knows what you'll see on my bench at any given moment. If it's weird I love it especially if it's rocks, or feather, or pulleys' springs, broken toys and gears and anything with a cool shape or texture.




Here's a few more snapshots of this art of the studio just for fun!









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That's cool. I love abstract art the most. I guess its because I was homeschooled for a while and then when I went to "regular" school, I hated teachers that would say I was wrong in art. Art can't be wrong. So that lead to me having an issue with authority figures...


Super sweet man, he does awesome work

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