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Vintage Electric 12 Strings......


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I saw a mid-60's ES 335 12 string (cherry) a few years ago on the wall of an antique shop in Paia, Maui. It was in excellent condition, and I think it was around $2500. I would have bought it, but my wife was with me. <_<


I've never owned a 12-string of any kind, but I used to love the tone I heard on those 1970's Trix LP's that Robert Jr. Lockwood recorded with his Guild semi-hollow 12.

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There are a few posts around here about the Firebird 12 strings and the players who have,had or seen the elusive bird.

Our incredibly scientific worldwide search via this forum has found , last I recall, 20 or so.


There are a few of us who still have ours.

Welcome to the, "ain't that the sweetest neck you've ever played" club !

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