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I would really appreciate some help with figuring out the history of my guitar. The sticker inside says Gibson Epiphone, Model E-01, Made in Korea, Serial # Y593464. I have tried to research this on my own and cannot figure it out at all. Also it is an acoustic/electric guitar, and the battery cover has been lost to keep the 9 volt battery in it. Is this replaceable? Where do I go or who do I contact. It has an inlayed head of a moon around a star.


Thanks so much in advance for any help, it is truly appreciated.



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Your guitar is an Orville model:


- 25" scale

- 1.68" nut width

- Piezo Pickup

- Epiphonic-V Active Parametric Equalizer/Pre-Amp

- Select Spruce Top

- Hand-Trimmed Epi-X Bracing Pattern

- Select Mahogany Sides

- Arched Mahogany Back

- Solid Rosewood Fingerboard and Bridge

- Solid Mahogany, Slim-Taper Neck with Deep Venetian Cut-Away

- 21 frets

- Chrome Die-Cast Machine Heads



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Hey, no problem. Its what we do here :)


According to Blue Book, the EO-1 was made from 1992-2000. Thats probably a pretty decent estimation. Blue Book isnt always exaclty correct with dates, but they are usually in the ballpark.


They give estimates on worth too, but you have to sign up and pay for the service.


Here is a link to the page. The EO-1 & 2 are near the bottom.


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PS: I have the version pictured above - bought it for $200 on Craigslist in excellent condition.


Sadly, the girl didn't stick around for long, but I still have the guitar...

I'm guessing that at the time, Mutt Lange wouldn't have given her up.

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