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Longhorn DC pup change - need help


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OK... I have a Longhorn DC with (2) EMG 85s and a LR Baggs Piezo bridge. I got tired of the sound way too fast.


I'm thinking more a vintage sound. Is it possible to put in a set of SD Seth Lovers in place of the EMGs? I have contacted Gibson about it, but after a week, no reply. Calling EMG was useless. Seymour Duncan thinks its a gut and start over situation. I am still waiting to hear back from JR Baggs since its their board in it.


Here is the layout.

2 - EMG 85s

1 - piezo bridge

2 - output jacks (1 Mix piezo/EMG, 1 EMG only)

1 - 3 way toggle (EMGs only, standard Gibson pup selection)

3 - control knobs (1 EMG only volume, 1 piezo volume, 1 EMG tone)


Any ideas?



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