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New Rory Gallagher album


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Excellent news. Always good to hear "new" Rory.


Also, love the Hendrix story on that webpage.


Thanks for sharing.


Its well worth having a root around that site, lots of pics of his guitars and gear in there.

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That sounds like great news!


As it happens I've been listening to 'Photo-Finish' quite a bit recently and, in the text, they explain that the 'new' record would have been scheduled for release between 'Calling Card' and 'P-F'.


No fewer than seven of the songs from the track-listing ended up on the P-F album so I wonder how the earlier tracks on the soon-to-be-released album will differ from the ones I've known all these years! In fact, as P-F only has 9 cuts in total the 'new' album is almost like the prototype for that album.


According to the text he ditched his four piece, going back to the three-piece format (with Gerry McAvoy on bass and Ted McKenna on drums? This is the P-F trio). I'm guessing he must have abandoned Lou Martin (keyboards) and his long-time drummer Rod De'Ath, both well-know from the "Irish Tour '74" days.


BTW, I heartily recommend 'Photo-Finish' which did, in fact, come out in 1978 (the album coming out was recorded earlier that same year).



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I'm not sure where I read it, but I think the record company were pushing him to do this album and he was unhappy at the pressure being applied, so he wanted to bin it. They were trying to make him more commercially successful and higher profile, but he prefered to keep things a bit more low key. Its kind of funny when you compare that to his persona on stage, where looking at a lot of footage he really broke out gave it 100%, there was no hint of a shy retiring kind of guy.


I think he had a big problem with the fame side of things and apparrently developed a fear of flying also, which resulted in part of his heavy reliance on perscription meds and his eventual medical problems.


It funny, I only found out a week or two ago that someone I know told me he once briefly had a job as one of his minders at a festival gig. He was a rugby player doing security and he got picked with another guys cos they were the biggest looking fellas there. They just had to walk around with him for the day making sure he got no hassle. He was really nice unassuming guy by all accounts.

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