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Masterbilt 12-string?

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Yeah, Peter...I didn't think so. I (really) wonder, why they don't make a Masterbilt 12-string?

Seems like a "no brainer," to me! And, with some nice electronics, it could be the best of both

worlds, at those great Masterbilt prices, and quality, too. [thumbup]


What say you, Epi? [confused] Do you really want Martin, Guild, and Taylor, to have all the fun???! How about us quality addicted, but

financially challenged folks? [tongue]



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This is the closest I've come to an electric 12 string. It's not a M/B and the best I can date it (with the help of TommyK) is late 70s based on the tan Norlin label Lincolnwood IL. (Tommy if you read this I’m going to give you the “who’s buried in Grants tomb answer to your question and say “Lincolnwood, IL” [biggrin]) Anyway it’s a FT-165 Bard 12 and the two dots at the bevels are hot spot pickups and the bottom strap mount doubles as a jack. Certainly not state of the art electronics however beings I don’t even have an amp it works just fine for me.







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