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I always thought Gibson represented the best of the best from the US and Furch / Stonebridge the equivalent from Europe.


Anyway, thougth Id post them side by side trading some licks. After a couple months we had our return gig at the Hard Rock Cafe here in Prague, so I took the opportunity to drop a couple clips, enjoy.


btw: The guitars are the SWD and a Furch Cedar topped Jumbo.



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Cheers BK. We like to give ourselves that kinda challenge ... to see what we can take from the electric guitar genre and give it an acoustic twist ... blame it on MTV Unplugged, my adolescence ! :-)



Good stuff.


Interesting - White Wedding acoustically. . B)

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Glad you enjoyed it PM. I agree giving it a twist is a good idea, we swore we will never play Sweet Home Alabama or Brown Eyed Girl as thats what all the others are doing ... and it seems to have worked out really well and we sort of created a niche on the market which led us to get repeat gigs. (although Ill admit were still throwing in Wondrewall ;-) )


Thanks for listening !


Good stuff, EA,


Me and anotehr guy are doing the same, we did a set recently with stuff like Taoi Cruz, Jessie J, haha, took loads of pop dance stuff and reworked it as acoustic stuff.... Love the white wedding [thumbup]

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