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More power chords from me


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Sorry for the string drag, I used my Line 6 UX2 and it seems that string drag gets more accentuated, maybe I am using too much gain. The part in the middle got a little muddy for my taste but the idea for the song is in the clip. I need to add a good lead after I record the clip with a mic'd tube amp and make it longer.


Let me know what you think, last time I posted a clip I got 0 that is "zero" responses.


I did a bit of stereo separation on the second guitar.



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Thanks guys,


The amp models in POD farm sound dark, actually I used my Les Paul with BBPros which are on the brighter side but I still get muddiness. The few lead notes I put in the beginning were played through a floored Cry Baby as a treble booster and the tone is good I think. I need to work on this piece and if I cannot come up with a good lead I may ask for a collaboration later on.


I am all over the place on how I record and I need to make it consistent,


I have a Mac but I have not taken the time to learn how to record on GarageBand. Maybe I need to attend one of those free recording classes at GC.

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