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I am building a Les Paul Studio just now, and I bought Grover tuners as I heard a lot of bad things about Gibson tuners. I bought the vintage Grovers, they look identical to the Gibson tuners, and I installed them without any problems, all the holes fit perfectly and it looks great. I guess it would all depend on the tuners you are wanting putting on, but I put the same looking tuners that would have come with a studio, to keep the guitar as stock looking as possible! Here's a link to the grovers I bought, not sure what the ones are you are wanting to put on, but these fit my studio perfectly.



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Yeah, what I'm saying is there's really no tuning benefit.

I happen to like the Grovers, and swapped them on my Les Paul Classic.

You can see the footprint of the old tuners, and some slight modification is required to the headstock.


Is it worth it?

Not really.


I have the Vintage tuners on several other Gibsons and they work fine, but I think they look cheap.

Given a choice, I would have Grovers on every one from the factory.

I tried that when I ordered my double neck from the Custom Shop, adding Grovers and 57 Classic pickups.

The price of the guitar doubled!


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