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epiphone les paul traditional pro goldtop???


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Hi guys, so recently I purchased my first electric guitar from guitar center labeled as an epiphone les paul traditional pro goldtop. I can't find any of these anywhere online which is strange. The serial number is 11071512397 which also doesn't seem to exist, just like the guitar. Apart from that, I love the guitar which is why I bought it. I love the feel of the neck. I'm not a total beginner though because I am a bass player and I started playing some on my old acoustic which is pretty bad. So can anyone tell me what is up with this?


Thanks so much!!!

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Congrats on the new guitar!

Would this be it?...(if you look at the pics and the drop down box it comes in gold.)



I'm not as good as most around here with the serial numbers but I imagine the 11 at the beginning signifies it was made this year.


Post some pics of yours if you get a chance.



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Welcome to the forum meh. I'm fairly new here as well, but it's a great place to hang while learning about your guitar. Some manufacturers will make a limited run for large retailers that you won't find elsewhere. Guitar Center and Sam Ash are two that I know of. I've got two of them and IMO the Trad Pro is a great guitar, possibly the best bang for the buck right now among Epi Les Pauls. Edit: others beat me to it.

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Your second picture is different than the picture you chose from the post awhile back... they are slightly different and mine does have zebra pickups. The first one was a traditional pro. I don't know what the last one was but they also had different knobs. But Slash is my favorite guitar player :)


BTW: coil tapping rules!!!

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