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They are selling fakes in my country... what can I do?


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Hi, this thread is actually directed at the gibson staff, represented (i think) by Mike.


Two months ago I spotted a fake gibson in "www.mercadolibre.com.ec" which is, kind of a local/latin american version of ebay... I think I read somewhere that they actually belong to ebay now. I reported the thing and the user (and contacted him and told him his guitars were fake)... I think they blocked (and then erased) his account. Problem solved, or so I thought.


Now I was searching for fender and gibson guitars in the same web page, I dont usually buy used guitars but I was looking there to see if someone had a good deal... what I found was disgusting (don't know if that is the correct word for this situation). A guy selling 3 different fakes in 3 different auctions... some already had questions as "what finishes do you have?" and people ready to buy guitars from him. His guitars are fake... all of them. He says in his auctions he can get any guitar you want... and he is willing to exchange them for computers, jewelry and other valuables.


He is selling one at a really cheap price, and so some of the users have begun inquiring about the low price.


He isn't giving any info on the guitars, he only says they are gibson les pauls (the 3 of them are les paul supreme fakes).


He is stupid enough that he posted his e-mail (real, I just checked, he has a hi5.com profile full of pics of him and his family) and his home phone and cellphone numbers...


So here I am asking myself (and of course you guys at gibson, through our forum friend Mike) what can one do about this?


Does gibson have an off shore program of some kind? I know it is against the law over there to sell this kind of thing... it is against the law here too, and somebody should do something... I would if I only had Gibson backing me up (it would be so lame for me to go in a crusade against this people to have gibson say "nah... we don't know him... haven't seen him in our lifes").


So, how can one help and make an example of him so that the ones following him (or thinking about it) think twice?


Let me put this other way... is there a way I can act as an agent of Gibson down here? I ask because a friend here "works" in his spare time for a well known french purse manufacturer...



Thanks for your answer in advance.






Here is the email address of the little rat:



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