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Gibson Celebrity listed

J-200 Koa

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The topic of the Gibson Celebrity came up a few dayd ago.

I spotted this one on eBay. A few weeks ago it was listed

for $6000., so it is getting more attractive all the time.

Maybe in another month it will be in my price range......

unless ksdaddy beats me to it!



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I'll be next in line after Taylor Player. It is a nice one!


It can be yours... I showed my wife the photo's last night knowing full well what she would say, especially considering I am currently very close to closing a deal on the 1960 ES-125TC that I have sitting in my music room. (Working out a trade deal with a guy for my hand built acoustic). She looked at it, said that is real pretty... but... DONT EVEN THINK ABOUT IT!!!


Wish I had known her better when I married her 24 years ago....... =P~

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