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When KISS ruled the world


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I saw that on the Tube. I have said it before, and I'll say it again, but Gene is an epic arse! I don't mind Paul (his note in the "Alive!" spread kinda' freaked me out though LOL), as he didn't really do anything to piss me off (that and his son is freakin' good), but Petey and Ace will always be my favorite members of Kiss (and Eric Carr too. RIP!), as they were really the true musicians in the band (Gene and Paul were the brains, marketing, and show part of Kiss, Ace and Peter were the sound equation.), and they weren't money mongrels (Gene is the mastermind of self-exploition LOL). I liked Kiss in the 80s (mostly cause' of Carr and Kulick. They made Kiss last.), but I like Frehley's Comet WAY MORE. Hard rock VS glam pop metal. In all earnest, I love the songs that Gene and Paul have done over the years, but the solo albums really showed something. Gene's album=EPIC GARBAGE IMHO, Paul's=MEH!, Peter's=AWESOME, Ace's=FREAKIN' EPIC!!!. I still think that Ace is the only one who put pride in his record (as much as I love Peter's he was deteriorating at the time). Go Figure! (Ace said that a lot in his book). To quote the Spaceman, "AWK!". But that video was awesome for sure.

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