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Hey Guys,


Newbie here. I have a 68 reissue custom shop and a rockin 84 studio!


Looking at buying a late 80's custom, and i wanted some tips on pointing out authenticity. Serial number checks out fine, condition is great, almost too good.


1) the headstock inlays align properly, but seem a little messy around the edges. Is this normal for a nashville plant LP?


2) the fretboard checks out with the binding acting as an addition to the frets


3) I noticed the backplates in the pickup/switch cavities seemed deeper than on my LPs. I was expecting the plates to be perfectly flush with the wood??


4) some slight buzzing on the frets, but it could be the tune-o-matic bridge adjustments.


5) Is there a good way to remove and identify original pickups?


Should I take a screwdriver and have a look @ electronics and truss rod areas? Thanks so much!

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Back cover on my 81 custom was not flush with the wood

Around the inlays on my 81 custom was like an expoxy residue that was noticeable but it still looked good

On my 2006 SG I can tell a difference in the inlay istallation, like the computerized CNC router is exact on size with the trapezoid inlay which probably has alot to do with newer technology

I would take the back cover off and take a look inside myself same with pick ups they should say gibson on the backside of them

With the fret buzzing you probably would not notice it plugged into an amp, you could raise theaction if it bothers you too much.

Good luck, Tim

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Well if you could take a buddy along that knew a little more about gibson guitars, that would probably help too. I would not be afraid to take the coveroff of the back of the guitar and peek at the wiring and such. Gibsons soldering is top notch and it should be a real clean solder job inside the guitar cavity plus, you would be able to tell if someone switched out pick ups also. Hope this helps, Tim

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Thanks man. I bought the guitar today. I'll try to get some photos later. It's a real beauty. Really outstanding and original condition for an 87 LP custom. Almost never been played, original frets, minimal to no wear.


Pickups/soldering looked great, truss rod was spot on, no deep dings, just light scratches.

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