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Intonation issue ? New J45 TV, compensated saddle ?


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The Woody Guthrie does not have a compensated saddle. Mine has fantastic intonation all the way up the neck. The only times it sounds off are if it hasn't been played for a while and atmospherics are affecting tuning, or if I've played it hard for a while and the usual detuning of strings occurs - but those are not intonation problems, they are normal tuning issues that will affect any instrument. And by and large the Woody stays in tune when left a while, and when played moderately hard. It might take a bit more tuning to get the B string in place, but it will get into tune with the rest of the guitar. I use my ears to tune and not some scientific instrument. The scientific instrument is not listening to the guitar, my ears are. My guitar came from Thomann too. Thomann have occasional problems with explaining certain aspects of their pricing policy, but they clearly make efforts to be upfront. Their returns policy is generous and if that period has run out, their warranty period is good by European or general non-US standards. Within Europe at least, they will reimburse the cost of return for replacement or for repair under warranty. They are capable of a good set up and I think that you should ask them to do one for you Gotmsdos. You will have to pay postage, but they should treat the set-up as a repair and pay you back.

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