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can't half play ??


I don't know what your trying to say with that comment ?


He can really rip. :)


He claims "sponsored by the guitar company Fender"


Next time he talks to them he should ask them to give him a Fender guitar then !




Sorry Buddy.


It is a Yorkshire term which basically means he's good!!





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I am probably about to get flamed for what I am going to say, but I have to play 'devil's advocate.' Please forgive me. Sure this kid can play; he has all the skills, but where is the 'soul?' I get no feelings from shredding - it is all technique. People like Van Halen show me ability and technique (yawn), whereas people like Eric Clapton bend a string - and has me in tears, joy, or whatever emotion I am in.


The kid is good, just not my thang.:D

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