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Bored to death by the absence of GAS


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How to restart GAS:


1) Go to a music store with lots of eye candy.

2) Look up pic threads on the Gibson forums.

3) Win the lottery.


My GAS just got re-vamped today at a local store... I've had it for a while for a 62 Strat RI, but now they've got a special on; Black Satin ES-335 and a Marshall JCM 2000 with A and B cabinets for $6600 CDN tax incl.


I may be applying for a loan tomorrow... O:)

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I don't get GAS too often. I gigged a '72 Recording Les Paul for 14 years. I tend to "bond" with a single guitar for several years. Although, my last #1 was a '91 Tele triburst I got used around 2003. It was just retired in Sept. with the new ES-339.


I mean, it's here, but it doesn't get to go anymore. I thought about selling it, but it's got some pretty nice natural relicing going on, and isn't worth much, and is still a great guitar if something BAD was to happen..........


I'm gigging the ES-339 weekly, and the Boogie "Blue Angel" is sounding good. Got the old Prosonic for a backup. Just pulled the trigger on a Fireburst Studio for my daughters birthday this morning.




I'm with ya Thunder.


I too, might be..........


Out of GAS.........



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