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Do Les Paul traditionals GOLDTOPS ONLY come with a dark red back?


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My Traditional Goldtop I just bought has a back/neck finish that is dark reddish. I like it, but was browsing other owners GT' traditional pros, and they seem to have a black finish on the back and neck. I would love that even more. Is it just a camera trick, or are there GT traditional pros out there that have black colored backs? I will return mine and order one of those if there is!

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"Black Back" Gold Tops, don't show the grain! They're solid colored. I'd keep what you have,

if it was me...as it's a bit more unique. Besides, no one sees the back, except you (unless

you're playing it, with your teeth), or some such. [biggrin] And, don't you pick a guitar,

based on sound, and playability, anyway??? Looks, are important, but not so much (to me, anyway)

as sound/tone, and playability. Just my 2-cent's worth.... [biggrin]


Also...The rule here is: Photo's, of your Gold Top, are required, or...it doesn't exist! [biggrin][flapper]



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I think you're looking for this: 1957 Les Paul Goldtop Darkback VOS




There's the LP Studio 50' & 60's Tribute Gold Top that has the dark back:






Also the Joe Bonamassa signature studio has a dark back:




Joe's signature LP Custom Gold Top looks to have the dark back as well:




Other than the above, unless I missed one, all the rest are natural backs on Gibson's website of LP models.

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